How headers and set pieces became a not-so-secret weapon for Penn men's soccer


The set piece is a strong defensively minded team’s best friend.

They provide some of the best opportunities to score in soccer. The incredible amount of precision and detail that goes into these plays is unique on the soccer field; it’s the only time that the ball stops and allows for a reset and change in the play being run. And last season, set pieces proved to be instrumental in the offensive production for the Red and Blue. Coming off of a season where they scored just 12 goals, the Red and Blue have room for improvement this season on the offensive side of the ball.

Shot inaccuracy limited the Quakers, who only managed to shoot 33.5% of their shots on target, compared to their opponents’ 41% shooting accuracy. Penn was outshot in its games 176-205. The greatest bright spot for the Red and Blue, however, was their ability to capitalize on set pieces. Over 30% of the goals scored by the Red and Blue last season were a product of a set piece.A great part of this success came from first team All-Ivy Junior defender Alex Touche, whose 6’4″ frame helped him score four goals off of set pieces. “A big piece of it is everybody knowing their role and being accountable,” Touche said. “You have to switch on, get in your spot, make sure that everybody has their role and executes well.” One issue with set pieces is that they leave the defense vulnerable to counterattacks. As defensemen move up to crowd the box, holes spring up in defensive lines — easily exploited by a counterattacking team. However, Penn’s defensive performance on set pieces has been likewise solid, as they have been successful at reducing the after victory over Levante.Real were able to defeat Levante 3-2.“All I can say is, I hope he keeps this up,” Zidane said of Benzema. “It’s important for us to have Karim playing like this. We’re pleased, we noticed the fans’ ovation. We need to “It’s easy to look at our set pieces on the attacking side from last year’s team and say that they were pivotal in our ability to get some wins that we got, but I thought that we defended them really well, too, and that kept us in position to be in games later and longer and find ways to win those games,” coach Brian Gill said. “We make sure that we have certain things built in behind the ball to try and hopefully prevent counterattacks.” Although the Quakers did see great production from their set pieces last season, there is still rooiola meet Milan later tonight.“It was a fantastic experience, we won a trophy, which some people conveniently forget,” said Montella, referring to the Italian Super Cup against Juventus.“We didn’t purchase practically any players and still qualifm for improvement. And when the offraine set-up.Yarmolenko started in the Euro2020 qualifier win over Lithuania after missing a year of action with his national team.Speaking after the game, Yarmolenko reflected: “I consider myself a team player. I didn’t score, but the team won, so aense is less than productive in open play, each set piece becomes even more crucial.

When the Red and Blue play as many low-scoring and overtime games as they did last season, each and every goal can mean the difference between a win and a loss. That makes defending set pieces a centerpiece of the team’s focus as well. “We talk a lot about being on the plus side of a plus/negative relationship with the attacking and defending of set pieces,” Gill said “And that continues to be a really important focal point of this year’s team. … It’s one of the most important determining factors in the course of a lot of games.” As the Red and Blue head into this season, they prepare to face Monmouth on the road this Friday in their opener. This matchup last season resulted in a 3-2 overtime win for the Quakers, with each side earning two goals off set pieces, the last of which decided the game’s outcome.

This season, expect more of the same.

Injured and outclassed, Penn wrestling falls to No. 5 Lehigh, 41-6


David couldn’t topple Goliath.

Injuries proved too much for Penn wrestling to overcome, as in just about every weight class of Sunday’s match, the Quakers were stymied by No. 5 Lehigh and fell by a score of 41-6. Although the Red and Blue (3-2) briefly held the lead at 6-5 after two bouts, LMail says United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s injury crisis may force him to turn to Williams in their Europa League clash against AZ Alkmaar.It will be another major milestone in the development of the 18-year-old, who is being touted around Old Trafehigh (5-1) scored 36 unanswered points to close out the match.

The only match points Penn picked up were at 184 pounds by senior captain Joe Heyob when his opponent, Lehigh’s No. 4 Ryan Preisch, was too injured to continue despite leading 5-3 in the third period. On the other side of the mat, Lehigh’s 41 match points over nine wins came in part from three pins, a forfeit at 125 pounds, and a technical fall.

All of the Red and Blue wrestlers needed to be in top form for Penn’s upset bid to become reality. However, they were at a disadvantage right from the start, as five of the ten usual starters were unable to wrestle due to injury.

Notably included on the injury list were seniors May Bethea and Joe Velliquette, both of whom had wrestled at 165 pounds in earlier matches. Also missing were two wrestlers who had placed in earlier tournaments, as freshman Dan Planta at 125 pounds and senior Patrik Garretired from international football.The midfielder, who has been in four World Cup squads and won 80 caps, joined League One side Soutpool’s No1.Despite being signed as a replacement for Simon Mignolet, Adrian did not see himself as a No.2 when he arrived at Liverpool.”I came here to fight for the spot and to push Ali, have a great and healthy competition that is always improving uhend United in the summer from Scottish Premiership club Hibernian.”It has been a privilege to be involved with the Sen at 285 pounds were injured.

While the Quakers’ bench fought to keep the match close, in the end, Lehigh wrestled an all-around dominant match. Led by six ranked wrestlers compared to Penn’s two, the Mountain Hawks had national-level talent nearly across the board that got the better of the Red and Blue.

“They’re an outstanding team, clearly one of the best teams in the country,” coach Roger Reina said. “For us it was an opportunity to test ourselves against that level, and I don’t think we measured up to the test today. Obviously, we were out quite a number of starters too, but nonetheless, I think we’re capable of more than what we showed today.”

Another key factor Lehigh had on their side was in-match momentum. Even though they fell behind after the first two bouts, they reeled off eight consecutive victories to put the nail in Penn’s coffin. After every successive Penn defeat, their chances of pulling off the win grew slimmer and slimmer.

“As the momentum swung so heavily in their favor, you could just kind of feel it roll over our team,” Reina said.

A big shift in the momentum came after the third match, in which Lehigh’s Jake Jakobsen upset senior and No. 10 Frank Mattiace by a score of 3-0 for Mattiace’s second loss of the season. The bout put Lehigh up 8-6 on the match, and the Mountain Hawks never looked back.

Freshman Gianni Ghione, who has the team’s second-most pins after Mattiace, fell to Lehigh’s Nick Farro 5-1 at 133 pounds three matches later, and Jon Errico, who took fourth at the Keystone Classic, was defeated 6-2 by Ian Brown to put the result out of question.

Despite the lopsided score, Reina and the team will look at this match as a learning experience.

“It’s December 10, so we’ve got several months here before the conference championships and the NCAA championships,” Reina said. “This is a harsh reality test for us today, and it provides us the opportunity to respond to it.”

The Quakers will look to add some of their injured starters back to the mix when they travel to Northwestern’s campus for the Midlands Championships over December 29-30.

Penn track to compete in Texas, Florida, California


It’s a common saying in the world of track and field: “One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.”

The athlestriker was confirmed in Brazil’s Copa America squad.The Everton forward watched the announcement for the Copa America squad on television at his grandparents’ house.Richarlison, 22, was one of the last names to be confirmed and the Blues’ joint top-tes competing this weekend may not be able to achieve a lifetime of glory just yet, but they can get close — by qualifying for the NCAA preliminaries.

Prelims for NCAAs are a while away, but track head coach Steve Dolan is targeting his athletes’ meets this weekend for posting qualification-worthy marks.

That’s right: meets. Plural.

Members of the Penn track and field team will be in California, Texas and Florida this weekend, simultaneously competing in three different meets: the Stanford Invitational in Palo Alto, the Texas Relays in Austin and the Florida Relays in Gainesville.

Their goals are all similar — compete with the best and take a shot at posting a NCAA-qualifying time or mark.

“The way the process works, you need to put a marker down during the season in order to qualify for NCAA prelims,” Dolan said. “And I think sometimes that’s a matter of getting good competition and good weather. Our hope is that this weekend, we are ready to take that challenge. We do already have some people who have hit their mark, but there’s others that we anticipate will hit it this weekend.”

The goal makes sense, but the thing about this weekend that stands out is that different parts of the team will simultaneously be competing in three states, just about as far apart as they could possibly be. While that might make it seem like the team is being spread thin with a crazy logistics issue, Dolan explained the logic behind his decision.

“So we ended up with three meets instead of one. [And] because the highest-percentage chance of warm weather for the sprinters and jumpers is in Florida, we’re trying to play the percentages and send our best jumpers and sprinters to the Florida Relays.

“And it’s the same thing for Stanford. They have the tendency to have the best long distance races, where it’s a little bit cooler weather for distance racing and competition, so we wanted to send our distance runners there for that opportunity. And then there’s the reputation of the Texas Relays that the best throwers in the country go to the Texas Relays, so we just figured, ‘You know what? We have enough coaches that are event-specific, that if we go event-specific this weekend, we can try to find what we ught to the club.The Hornets are on their third manager this season, with Pearson being the only one who has gotten consistent results and performances out of the players.And Femenia believes that it is mostly about Pearson instilling confidence in ethink is the best competition in the country.’ So that’s what we’ve done.”

Indeed, the Texas Relays will have the best throwers in the country, including Ivy League record-holder javelin thrower and Penn senior Kelsey Hay, as well as the current No. 1 discus thrower in the world — Penn’s very own Sam Mattis. The defending national champion tossed for a mark of 67.45 meters, almost five meters farther than the throw that won the now-senior the NCAA championship last year.

“I’m not expecting to hit that every throw — that would be ludicrous, and I would probably just move out to the Olympic training center immediately,” Mattis joked. “Hopefully I can hit around there. Each meet that’s the goal, to kind of stick around that ‘A’ standard and not let my standards fall that far. When it counts, maybe I can get something out there that’s as far, if not further.”

In action at Stanford will be Tommy Awad, who recently finished third in the mile at the NCAA Indoor National Championships.

Meanwhile, the largest contingent of Quakers will be headed to Florida. About a dozen of Penn’s finest will seek to put up a performance good enough to send them to NCAA prelims later this season.

After a lack of competition so far this outdoor season, all three traveling units of the track team will meet their toughest opponents yet in what Dolan hopes will be a successful weekend in which the Quakers will take one big step towards the glory of NCAAs.

“We’ve gotten off to a nice start at our home meets — I like what we’ve already done,” Dolan said. “You just hope that in these bigger fields with these more competitive situations that you get that extra adrenaline or that extra push you might need toanchester United legend Roy Keane has enjoyed a swipe at Liverpool.Keane aimed a cheeky dig at Manchester United’s fiercest rivals during his appearance at the Off The Ball Roadshow in Dublin on Wednesday night.Discussing United’s dominance in the la get to the next level.

“It’ll be fun to see what happens this weekend after the dust has settled at all three locations.”

Penn women's lacrosse is sharing the love


Out of the top 10 women’s lacrosse teams in the country, No. 7 Penn is one of three not to feature a player ranking better than No. 50 in goals per game.

And the Quakers are quite content with that statistic.

Rather than have a player averaging nearly four goals per game, as No. 1 Northwestern senior Shannon Smith does, the Red and Blue (6-4, 4-0 Ivy) prefer to distribute the wealth.

The Quakers have five players with more than 15 goals on the season thus far, making life in the offensive end quite easy for them and quite troublesome for opponents.

“You can’t just shut down one person on our attack,“ said junior Meredith Cain, who is second on the team with 19 goals. “We have so many other options who can pick up that slack.”

Though Penn’s top goal scorers put it in the net with similar frequencies, they all have different styles. Thus, for such a free-flowing attack to be effective, each player must know the others’ tendencies.

“Everyone has their different moves that they like, and we’ve been able to figure all of that out,” said sophomore Courtney Tomchik, who has netted 16 goals this year. “Erin [Brennan] likes her lefty crease roll, Caroline [Bunting] likes to drive from up top and Meredith is great on curl cuts.”

In addition to being attentive to each teammate’s style, a balanced offense forces each player to check her ego.

“I don’t think anyone on our attack isn’t willing to step up and do anything for everyone else,” Tomchik said.

Even though the team is selfless, as the statistics indicate, players must still have the urge to score.

“Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is delighted for Brescia over their promotion to Serie A.Brescia won promotion last week.And their former midfielder Guardiola said: “Best wishes for a well-deserved return to Serie A! “I am very happy for you, especially for Edoardo Piovani (team manager of the club). “Brescia, an unforgettable team and city!”If you don’t want to score, then you’re not very competitive,” Cain said. “You want to try and be the best, to have as many goals as you can, but you also have to think about what’s best for the attack.”

This dynamic creates a very difficult balancing act for coach Karin Brower Corbett.

“You definitely want a kid who has an eye for the net and who wants to go to the goal, but that can’t be the be-all, end-all,” Corbett said. “We’ve always had a team philosophy here, so we need unselfish players.”

Through 10 games, Penn has ner Bruno Guimaraes is closing on a move to Atletico Madrid.AS says Atletico have a first refusal option on the 22-year-old, which is in place until 2020, at a price between €25 and €30 million. Moves have been made to put that option into affect.Tgotiated between these two seemingly contradictory emotions. And at the end of the day, it makes the Quakers as effective as possible.

But the mindset also has adder.Ancelotti spoke to TV Luna after a 5-0 friendly win over Serie C side Feralpisalò. He’s denied reports Mario Rui is set to be sold.The coach said, “Mario Rui is not on the market and neither is Faouzi Ghoulam, as we have no intention of sellingitional benefits, Cain believes.

“It makes playing the game more fun.”

Penn women's lacrosse midfield Maddie Poplawski writes her own story


There’s pedigree, and then there’s Maddie Poplawski.

As a young girl, Penn’s junior midfielder would go out to her backyard in Springfield, Pa., and have quite an accomplished training partner.

Christina Poplawski, Maddie’s mother, played goalie at Temple before winning a gold medal with the U.S. squad at the Lacrosse World Cup in 1989.

“My mom got me into the sport,” Maddie said. “It was all around me growing up.”

Christina now works as the goalie coach for the girls’ lacrosse team at Springfield High School, where Maddie attended. She served as motivation for her daughter, despite the two not seeing much of each other during practices.

“Just seeing everything that she accomplished,” Maddie said, “it just made me want to push myself that much further.”

When it came time to choose a college, Maddie chose Penn because it would allow her to do just that.

That’s not to say that Springfield didn’t provide fans are supporting his young players.Stamford Bridge will have a full house for the Carabao Cup tie with Grimsby.Lampard said, “We appreciate the game being sold out and that is why the players must give their maximum. The fans will be there to supMaddie with plenty of challenges as well.

At the end of her freshman year, nine of the graduating seniors went on to play lacrosse for Division I programs.

“Our coaches did a great jod to cough up big to sign Norwich City defender Ben Godfrey.The Daily Express says Spurs are looking at making a move for Norwich’s £50million-rated defender Godfrey.Jose Mourinho is keen to get one over North London rivals Arsenal by signing Godfreb preparing us,” Maddie said. “When I graduated, I definitely knew I was in a good position to succeed.”

She and her teammates won four straight Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association District I championships during her time at Springfield, where she captained the team as a senior.

Thuriker Steven Maismith has pledged to take a pay cut at Hearts.Given the Ladbrokes Premiership is suspended in Scotland, many clubs are struggling financially.And Naismith, who is one of the highest earners at the club, is willing to cut his pay by 50s, once she arrived at Penn, Maddie’s challenge was to reach her immense potential — to live up to expectations.

In her first season, she scored 21 goals, but she took a step back in her sophomore campaign, netting just 11.

This season, however, Maddie has embraced her role as an upperclassman and a leader. Through just seven games, she’s scored 15 goals, while taking most draws for the Quakers.

“We need a lot out of her, and she’s really stepped up,” Penn coach Karin Brower Corbett said. “She’s been taking it to the net more, has taken advantage of her length on defense and [has] been doing great on draws.”

The aspect of Maddie’s game that has pleased her coach most is her more aggressive approach on offense.

“Maddie has always had it in her,” Corbett said. “She just needed to become more confident.”

Wednesday against Georgetown, as her own personal cheering section of Springfield lacrosse girls looked on, Maddie strode down the field on a fast break, blew past the defense and netted a seemingly effortless goal.

Once the girl who looked on in awe of her mother’s accomplishments, Maddie has now become a role model herself.

Christian Barreiro's beautiful game


As a chilly October evening descendsts there’s no chance of the Real Madrid attacker returning to Tottenham.Bale’s situation is again the topic of debate after he was snubbed for Real’s defeat of Atletico Madrid on Saturday, with the Welshman not even making the squad.However, his ages on Rhodes Field during pregame introductions, Christian Barreiro looks antsy without the ball at his feet. He won’t stop moving.

Once the Saturday game against Dartmouth kicks off, however, the movement in his fluorescent pink Adidas slows.

It would be easy to mistake the slow trot for nonchalance.

But make no mistake, the generously-listed 5-foot-7 Barreiro is not the nonstop motor. He isn’t the box-to-box midfielder winning tackles and making dashing runs. He won’t wow you with his speed or dazzle you with power.

No, Barreiro is the trequartista, the playmaker behind the forwards, always shouting instructions and feeding attack after attack. He is the typical ‘10’ — the red number emblazoned across the heart of his jersey.

The beauty of his skill surely comes from the heart.

“Christian’s an incredibly technically gifted player, which is a testament to how hard he works,” senior defender Jake Levin says later. “Two hours of practice a day just aren’t enough for him.”

As the game progresses, possession becomes vital. Ironically, his ability to quickly release the ball is the reason why Penn can hold it.

As soon as Levin wins a tackle, Barreiro is on the move, his head on a swivel. Finding space in the midfield, he sweeps the ball from his left foot to his right before playing Johnny Dolezal on the run.

“We like to have Christian open, so as soon as we win it defensively, we can turn around and find him to run at guys,” midfielder Nick Unger says.

His thankless task entails running 30 yards into space only to give up the ball and cover another 40 yards to anticipate the next pass.

He hunts his own teammates, desperately searching out Alex Reddy and Nicky Yin. All in one motion, Barreiro cradles the fired ball, turns and deftly flicks it into the onrushing path of forward Duke Lacroix.

His style is a function of his vision, and throughout the match he maintains two speeds: a jaunty walk to survey the area and a spirited jog that is both controlled yet swift.

No more than a few minutes later, Barreiro appears to t-back could potentially be replaced by 19-year-old James by the end of the season after his impressive debut against Grimsby Town last week.But the club captain insists he will help James develop as much as he can.”Reece is a player I have followed be marooned out on the wing, walking almost aimlessly as he keys in on the play. But as soon as Penn manages to thwart the attack, Barreiro bolts down the sideline in perfect cadence with the clearance.

“He reads the game so well and he’s always in the right spot,” says Levin, who has now played with his fellow Baltimore native for six years.

Within the first 15 minutes, Penn goes down a goal. But a broken play finds Barreiro inside the area. As the ball falls to him, he takes the most delicate of touches to put the ball on his favored right and smashes a shot into the lower corner.

Barreiro has made a habit of cashing in for the Red and Blue. Three goals in his last three games — including a beautiful curling free kick against Lehigh ­— have placed him two points shy of breaking into Penn’s top five all-time.

Fifteen minutes left in the half and Penn is down once again. Dartmouth defends furiously and in its attempt to clear, the ball falls right into the path of Barreiro.

It smashes into his chest, but with a gentle lean it doesn’t drop nor does it spring away, but floats in the aion midfielder Dale Stephens is happy to have competition for his place.The midfielder has been on the bench for the past two games for the Albion.But Stevens, who played 36 league games two seasons ago, says that having a deep squad is not a problemir for the briefest of seconds. He turns and hits a perfectly weighted volley to Lacroix — an almost inhuman calculation.

Yet such plays are weekly occurrences for the creative genius to the point where they’ve become expected.

It’s a combination of skill, creativity and beauty intrinsic within him.

Ivy Football Notebook | Lucky No. 14 for Wilson's Lions


ez has been worth a staggering £8.2m per goal at Manchester United.Sanchez arrived at Old Trafford in January 2018 as part of a swap deal with Arsenal which saw Her Alex Golovin.Puel revealed he was considering the Russia international when in charge of the Foxes.He told Sport-Express: “I watched Golovin for a Aston Villa have completed the signing of Club Brugge striker Wesley Moreas for a club-record fee.The move is subject to an international clearance, which Villa are confident of securing because the Brazilian has played in the Champions League.The 22-year-old scored 17 goals last season and was also a target for Newcastle United.Sky Sports report Villa parted with £22m to sign Wesley.long time when I was the head coach of Leicester. “I saw him as a very interesting player, I really wnrikh Mkhitaryan head the other way.The Chilean signed a £500,000-a-week, four-and-a-

Football Notebook | Who wants the rock?


The Joe Sandberg Era is officially over in the Penn backfield. But the mourning period is long over, and the first touch is less than three weeks away for the former all-Ivy running back’s heir apparent.

Or, perhaps more accurately, his heir apparents.

Prior to preseason practices, sophomore Mike DiMaggio seemed like the sure successor – he performed more than admirably in Sandberg’s place at the end of last season, tastriker Vedat Muriqi is intensifying.Manchester United and Tottenham having been scouting the Kosovo international this season.And Juventus have asked for tickets for the derby against Galatasaray, with the express purpose of checking on Muriqi.For Fking home Ivy Rookie of the Week honors twice.

But the race now seems to be a dead heat between DiMaggio and his classmate Bradford Blackmon.

In the end, a tandem scheme is the most likely option.

“They’re two distinctly different types of backs,” said coach Al Bagnoli, who insisted there was no frontrunner in the competition. “I think we’ve got a really nice one-two that hopefully are gonna cause people some problems.”

The bulkier DiMaggio, who seems to be a Sandberg clone right down to his New Jersey roots, may be the more prototypical Penn back.

But the athletic Blackmon – who has “great vision and cut-back ability,” according to Bagnoli – could be a sleeper pick to carry the Quakers’ running game. And if that’s the case, he’ll certainly be prepared.

“I worked pretty hard over the summer,” Blackmon said. “I think I’d bon.The Brazilian winger has been one of the brightest spots of the Chelsea attack, despite many fans assuming he would be sold in the summer.The veteran has played a key role as the Blues race up the table to fight for a top four position.And Nevin ie ready to step it up.”

Big shoes to fill. Last year’s experienced offensive line was a cornerstone of the squad, but with nearly a half ton’s worth of starting linemen graduated, Bagnoli had to deal with three huge holes.

Tackle Will Milne, guard Jesse Rigler and center Brian Brazinski have all departed, but senior guard Chris Kovalcik and junior tackle Matt Schaefer remain. Beyond that, a grab bag of linemen will be thrown into the mix.

“We lost some experience; you like to think you have some talented kids behind them,” Bagnoli said. “We’ve had a whole different combination of things [on the offensive line].”

According to Bagnoli, Guillermo Ruffolo and Joseph D’Orazio have taken snaps at center; Drew Luongo, Manchester United have reportedly joined the race to sign Junior Firpo.The Real Betis left-back has a release clause of £45m.Liverpool have shown an interest in bringing the Spain U21 international to Anfield. says United are joining their Premier League rivals in pursuit of the athletic defender.The 22-year-old can also operate as a left-winger or centre-back.Jared Mollenbeck and Hughes Tipton are working at the tackle position, with Tyler Anthony seeing reps as well.

“They’re a little bit young and not as cohesive as they will be, but they’ve done a pretty nice job, and we’re cautiously optimistic,” Bagnoli said.

Injury bugs. Among those who were held out of practice yesterday were DiMaggio (ankle), cornerback Tyson Maugle (heel) and quarterback Robert Irvin (sore arm), who were all nursing minor ailments.

Irvin and DiMaggio are being held out merely as precautions, but Maugle has been out of practice for a few days.

More serious was the neck injury to sophomore offensive lineman Brandon Kim.

“We’re still waiting to figure out what the hell that is,” Bagnoli said.

On a stranger note, there is the condition of defensive lineman Josh Neubert, who has suffered a mysterious food allergy.

The Boston College transfer was expected to be a contributor on the Penn defensive line this year, but he’s been out of commission.

Neubert is “getting a biopsy today to change his diet around,” Bagnoli said. “We’ve had a couple weird scenarios that we’re trying to work through.”

The anonymous snapper, and that's how he likes it


Ted Rosenbaum isn’t one for celebratory dances or flashy play-making. The senior has made his stance on glory very clear.

“I didn’t get into it to get noticed,” he said of his football career. “I’d rather not be in the spotlight.”

An atypical response for the average football player, maybe, but not such a strange philosophy when you consider that Rosenbaum occupies the most thankless position in football: the long snapper.

“It’s one of the most important and probably under-appreciated skills that you have,” Quakers coach Al Bagnoli said. “And that requires a special guy to walk up there, put his head between his legs, know there’s gonna be a rush coming, and snap the ball back.”

At 5-foot-11, 210 pounds, Rosenbaum isn’t exactly a custom-built football player – “I’m definitely too small to play any other position around here,” he said.

But in his line of work, as long as he can accurately spin that football seven yards behind him and two feet off the ground, the body of a long snapper doesn’t have a strict blueprint.

Rosenbaum’s path to anonymity began in eighth grade in his hometown of Evanston, Ill., when a coach at Northwestern, a former long snapper himself, showed him the tricks of the trade. Not that many have heard it before, but the rest is history.

And this year presents perhaps the greatest challenge a long snapper will ever have to face.

On a field goal unit that has been plagued with problems the past two seasons to an absurd degree, Rosenbaum is the lone familiar face on an evolving special teams squad.

Upperclassmen kickers Derek Zoch and Braden Lepisto have been supplanted by youngsters A.J. Nobile and Andrew Samson, and the graduated Scotty Williams will give up his spot as primary holder to Lepisto.

“Last year is last year,” Rosenbaum said. “We got new guys coming in. . I’m still here.”

Rosenbaum remains the old hand that will quietly be counted on to turn his unit around – despite the fact that his low snap, not an errant kick, played a large hand in Penn’s loss at Princeton last year.

“He brings a tremendous level of confidence to the kicker,” Bagnoli sek.The London Evening Standard says the pair arhis competitive debut for the club following his £13million summer arrival from Bristol City after suffering ankle ligament damage during a pre-season training session. He told the Daily Echo: “Obviously playing left-back for the majority of the seae expected to leave the club on loan before Friday’s transfer deadline.Newcastle, Bournemouth and Watford are all interested in Rose, while Walker-Peters is set to choose between Crystal Palace and Southaid. “Certainly we think we’re gonna have a more consistent effort by the kicker.”

With the kicker-by-committee system eliminated, the inexperienced Samson will need every boost he can get this season. Consistent snaps and holds are the first step to a productive kicker, and Rosenbaum is the first person in the field-goal assembly line.

So if Samson connects on a chip shot from the hash mark or a 40-yard bomb during Saturday’s opener ath what he’s seen from Philippe Coutinho.The Brazil midfielder is on-loan at Bayern from Barcelona and Rummenigge says he’s proud of the deal.He told SID: “I am very satisfied with our transfer window. “Especially with Philippe Coutinho. He is a worlgainst Lafayette, the cheers won’t be directed at No. 99. An important piece of the least glorified unit in the game will probably be getting less recognition than anyone.

But that’s fine by him.

Field Hockey: Quakers triumph without missing a beat


It only took five minutes for the Penn field hockey team to shake off the rust accumulated during a two-week break.

Dartmouth had the ball for the first five minutes of the game, but as soon as Penn got its first possession, the Quakers dominated, winning 5-1. The Red and Blue improve to 3-4 on the season and 2-1 in the Ivy League.

“Dartmouth was on the fritz the whole game,” said Nicole Black, who scored two goals in the game.

Black said the defense and offense pushed each other over the last two weeks of practice, and that translated to better production in the field.

“We are really goal hungry,” she said — and it showed.

During Penn’s current three-game winning streak, it has outscored opponents 9-3.

“You never know who is going to score,” coach Val Cloud said. “It is not just one girl.”

In addition to Black, Margaretha Ehret, Meghan Rose and Jamie Calahan each also netted a goal.

Junior Meredith Moran had two assists and was part of a midfield that moved the ball eff for Nicolas Pepe was close.Pepe eventually left Lille for Arsenal in a club record €80m deal this summer.But Zubizarreta revealed: “Nicolas Pépé was on our list, he came to Marseille and we almost agreed. “It could have been done, but it was finectively in transition.

“We are moving the ball well and scoring goals from the field instead of from set plays,” Moran said. “We are really balanced on both sides of the field.”

Although Penn led 3-0 at halftime, Cloud told her squad at the break to play as if the score were 0-0.

Dartmouth goalie Ashley Heist may have been thinking the same thing, as she relieved Jordan Sedlacek, who as clash with coach Thomas Tuchel.Di Maria has wfrom home village Bambali in Senegal.In January, the goalscorer was crowned African Player of the Year for 2019.This followed a sensational year for Mane which saw the 27-year-old hit the heights by winning the Champions League, Super Cup and Club Woarned teammate Mbappe following the striker’s outburst in their 5-0 Ligue 1 win over Montpellier.Speaking after the game, Di Maria told Canal Plus: “It is very difficult, nobody wanted to go off, everyllowed three goals on four shots, at the beginning of the second.

But Heist didn’t fare any better, and Meghan Rose scored Penn’s fourth goal of the game ten minutes into the half.

After the Big Green scored their only goal of the game soon after halftime, the Quakers responded with a score of their own 31 seconds later.

Cloud was pleased that she got a chance to play every player, with the exception of backup goalkeeper, freshman Sara Heinze, during the contest.

Black and Moran both associate the three-game winning streak – which came after a distressingly slow start – with an increase in the team’s overall intensity.

Cloud and the team will try to bring that again to Wednesday’s home game against Villanova.

Bats come alive late against 'Nova


With the score at 8-3 heading into the seventh inning, it appeared the Penn softball team would drop two games to Villanova yesterday.

But the Quakers rallied with six in the seventh to earn a 9-8 comeback victory in Game 2 of the doubleheader. That followed a 6-2 loss in the first game.

The win gave Penn (14-20, 2-4 Ivy) a split on the evening, its third in as many days.

The rally started on a single by junior shortstop Christina Khosravi, who led the Quakers in Game 2 by going 4-for-5.

Penn players hit five consecutive singles to start the inning and scored three runs before the Wildcats (7-26) recorded the first out.

The Quakers lost a gamble when junior Stephanie Reichert tried to score from first on a base hit to left field by junior Teresa Leyden and was gunned down at the plate for the second out.

But Leyden was able to advance to third on the throw, and she scored the eventual winning run on a passed ball.

“Our momentum was awesome,” said junior Kim May, who had a singlen London.Giroud has engaged with spiritual life in London, attaching himself to a church, St Barnabas in Kensington, part of a network connected to Holy Trinity Brompton, the modern and evangelical wing of the Church of England. “I grew up with my mo during the rally. “We just never let up. [Within the last three years,] we’ve never beaten Villanova, so it was a great win for us.”

On an afternoon when the pitching struggled for the Red and Blue, the offense carried the day.

Fifteen hits, including a home run from junior Brandi King, were enough to overcome the eight runs given up to Villanova.

“We come into every game ready to hit the ball, so as long as our pitching and our defense come together we’ll be fine,” Khosravi said.

Penn’s defense was better yesterday, with three errors in the doubleheader versus five Monday against Yale.

But the exhaustion from playing a third doubleheader in as many days caused pitching depth to become a problem.

Coach Leslie King decided to rest freshman starter Emily Denstedt, who had pitched shutouts the previous two days, for upcoming Ivy League gament of Ousmane Dembele says the Barcelona striker hasn’t been short of offers to leave this summer.However, Moussa Sissoko insists the player wants to stay at the Nou Camp.He said, “We received marks of interest from very big clubs, but I told them fes, and instead turned to junior Casey Hare, who normally plays first base.

Hare relieved junior starter Lindsey Permar in Game 1 after the latter gave up five eated midfielder Paul Pogba.Sport says the Bernabeu was believed to be his favoured destination – with Zidane himself gushing over the player.But with just days to go until the European transfer window closes, the Frenchman seems no nearer a move.And trned runs in three innings.

The first baseman, who pitched in 10 games her freshman year, gave a strong performance, allowing only one run over three innings pitched.

“I was prepared to go in if Coach needed me,” Hare said.

“I fell back into my stride like I did freshman year. I’m happy that I was able to contribute to the team and do what Coach asked me to do.”

Penn’s bats didn’t get going until Game 2, however, as Villanova starter Kat Walsh limited Penn to two runs on four hits for a complete game victory.

The Quakers will look to improve upon their performance this weekend in home doubleheaders against Cornell and Columbia.

“We know that we beat Columbia twice last year, so we’re definitely going to be pumped and positive going in,” May said.

One last Ivy battle for Quakers


Fran Dunphy’s teams have been in this situation before: NCAA Tournament tickets in hand, and facing Princeton in the last game of the season. The Quakers coach has to like his chances tonight. Dunphy is 4-0 against Princeton when playing as the Ivy League champion.Penn (20-7, 12-1 Ivy) secured the outright Ancient Eight title over the weekend with wins at Yale and Brown. Tonight the Quakers travel to Jadwin Gym where they have won four straight to play a game that means nothing in terms of standings, but everything in terms of pride. Princeton (11-15, 9-4) is trying to avoid its 16th loss of the season which would tie the worst record in the history of the midfielder says Jurgen Klopp’s men, along with the rest of the Premier League’s top teams, regularly commit cynical fouls — but escape any action as they are committed away from dangerous areas.Cork said: “If you look at Liverpool, Man City, all program. But the Tigers have virtually forgotten their painful 2-12 start and have won three of the last four after splitting the weekend against Brown and Yale. Second-year coach Joe Scott is still looking for his first win against the Quakers. Penn, meanwhile, is playing to impress the NCAA selection committee in hopes of coaxing a higher seed. Last season, thdfielder Sami Khedira as a boost to plans of bringing teammate Daniele Rugani to London.Gazzetta dello Sport says the Gunners are said to be turning their attentions to the Juve centre-back Rugani to help solve their defensive woes.Rugani has struggle Quakers were in roughly the same spot heading to New Jersey and were rewarded with a 13 seed after defeating Princeton 64-56. But the records and the standings seem less important when Penn and Princeton get together. This is a rivalry as fine as any in the game, and both sides will give it their all ƒ_” that is if there is any energy left from the weekend. Penn’s four mainstays — senior Eric Osmundson and juniors Steve Danley, Ibrahim Jaaber and Mark Zoller — averaged 38 minutes per game over the weekend as a group. Danley played 81 in total and Osmundson put together his best weekend of the season scoring 30 points in 79 minutes and turning the ball over just twice. “Because we’re off of school we’ll spend plenty of time preparing for Princeton,” Dunphy said Saturday after defeating Brown in overtime. “We’ve played them already so w Mino Raiola insists Paul Pogba’s transfer saga at Manchester United isn’t over.Real Madrid are pushing to prise the midfielder away from United this summer, though the English giants are proving stubborn negotiators.Despite Pogba’s wish to leave Olde’ve got a lot of film. We’ll be OK in terms of preparation, I hope.” What Penn will see on that film of its 60-41 win at the Palestra is a solid performance against a zone defense which has been some trouble this season. Brown threw a 2-3 zone at the Quakers off and on Saturday night. Penn, however, put on a superb display of perimeter passing and registered 20 assists on its 24 field goals and created dribble penetration as the game wore on. Where Brown kept the Quakers off balance was in the backcourt. The Bears repeatedly employed a three-quarter court press which often kept Osmundson and Zoller behind the offense. “We’re not used to playing against that so it took us some time to get used to it,” Osmundson said after the game. “Toward the end of the game we were fine.” Further, guards Damon Huffman and Marcus Becker repeatedly double-teamed Penn’s ball handlers at midcourt preventing the Quakers from getting into an offensive flow. Princeton tinkered with some ball pressure last time out against the Red and Blue, but lacks the quickness to make it effective. Instead, the Tigers will rely on their deliberate offense to control the tempo. As a result, turnovers are a cause for concern for Princeton, which gave the ball up 39 times over the weekend. The Quakers are first in the league in turnover margin (4.78) and steals per game (10.04). Then again, when these two teams face off, the stats really don’t matter. PENN at Princeton – 9 p.m. – Princeton, N.J.Radio: WXPN-FM (88.5) – TV: ESPNUThe Buzz will have in-game updates beginning at 9 p.m.

rested in re-signing Arsenal fullback Hector Belle


Afterounced the first-team squad and coaching staff will donate their wages from last Friday’s humiliating 9-0 loss to Leicester to the charity Saints Foundation.Ralph Hasenhuttl’s side created unwanted history by being thrashed by the Foxes at St. Mary’s being signed to a minor-league deal with the earlier this week, was informed that he earned a spot on the bullpen to start the season, e German’s team have impressed in the first weeks of the season.Farke told Sky Sports: “EacRay Parlour has urged Arsenal to sell Mesut Ozil in January.But the Gunners hero can’t see him leaving the club.“He won’t be sold in January so no chance of that because Ozil won’t go nowhere,” Parlour told talkSPORT.“Should he be sold? Yes, he should be.“If you’re not going to play him on a regular basis you might as well get rid of him, yeah.”h and every head coach has their own ideas and philosophy. This club had a clear picture of what I would bring, and I was aware of what Norwich City means. I daccording to the Los Angeles Times. Lowe finished spring training with a 4.22 ERA and a 1.31 WHIP in 10 2/3 innings of work. 

Reds have made their decision, and Chapman is headed to the bullpen


Aroldis Chapman is pitching out of the bullpen for the Reds in a spring training game on Friday. More importantly, Chapman will be pitching out of the bullpen for the Reds this season.The team had yet to announce anything asf their shock defeat at Watford.Jurgen Klopp’s men went down 3-0 to Watford at Vicarage Road as they saw their 44-match unbeaten run come to a shuddering halt in what was a first league loss since January 3 last year. “We had a nice meeting after the of Friday morning, but sources say the decision has already been made. Chapman will be the Reds’ closer, and Mike Leake will be the fifth starter.

The Cincinnati Enquirer that the Reds were likely to put Cnderland captain Lee Cattermole has signed with VVV Venlo for 12 months.The midfielder has won the deal after successful preseason trials.Cattermole said: “I am very happy that after so many seasons in England I can now work in the Netherlands at a bhapman back in the bullpen, “barring a significant change of minds.” As it turned out, there was no significant change.

Chapman was a dominant closer for the Reds last season, but the team decideld has no problem embracing the responsibility of being a role model.He admit he finds it hard to believe that kids look up to him now but he accepts that that is a responsibility he has to face.”I want to be the person who, when a young player goes d to try him in the rotation this spring. The thinking was that Chapman might be able to be a front-end starter, and that the Reds could get 200 innings out of him, rather than the 71 2/3 he pitched last year out of the bullpen.

But manager Dusty Baker always favored keeping Chapman as closer. And when I asked Chapman after his start last Saturday what role he would prefer, he made it clear that his desire was to close.

All along, the Reds knew that keeping Chapman in the bullpen because while he has already proven that he can be dominant in that role, no one can say for sure that he would be as effective as a starter.

Leake has started 78 games for the Reds over the last three seasons. He was 8-9 with a 4.58 ERA in 179 innings in 2012.

honey has won the Birmingham City young player of


The Kansas City Star reports Sunday that shorstop is expected to play three innings during a minor league game. It will be his first actiAlex Iwobi.Xavier believes Iwobi is the man to watch when his team faces Nigeria on Sunday.”With Nigeria, Iwobi plays more of an inside role as a second striker than at Everton,” Xavier told BBC Sport.“He is the link in the counter-attack, drags opon in a game in over a week after he’d been dealing with stiffness in his back. 

Escobar is expected to start at shortstop on opening day for the Royals. He’s hitting .290 thiis work as manager at Chelsea.The Blues legend joined in the summer from Derby County, with some fans doubtful about the impact he could make given he is so new e have six offers from different clubs on the table for Soumare. There has been no indications made as to which clubs have submitted a bid for the Frenchman but Napoli, Real Madrid, Valencia and Manchester City have all previously been linked with hito management.But Lampard has ushered in a new style of play, while promoting several yous spring over 31 at-bats with three RBI, two triples and a double.